Faith Detox Questions Answered Directly by Laura 

Q. Do I really have to eat raw eggs in those smoothies that call for it? That's not safe!

A. Have you ever eaten mayonnaise? What about sneaking a pinch of cookie dough? Eggnog? Homemade ice cream? What about Caesar salad dressing or Hollandaise sauce? All of these things seem okay to use in a recipe (even though it’s never cooked and sits on a shelf or in a fridge for a long time) and yes we get queasy thinking of cracking a fresh organic egg in a smoothie and drinking it immediately. Raw eggs are perfectly fine (just ask Rocky) IF you stay within the parameters I’ve laid out -- get organic eggs, rinse the eggshell before cracking, and drink the smoothie immediately. The Endocrine Energy Blast (my 2nd personal favorite smoothie) is NOT the same without it!  So that’s your egg-citing news for the day!

Q: Do I have to do the juicings? 

A: Yes, The juicing is important for you to do because it allows the digestive tract to do NOTHING else but absorb phytonutrients without working hard for them.  So don't skip the juicing. Major detoxing happens during it! 

Q: Why not coffee? If we can put coffee beans in a couple of the smoothies, then why can’t I just drink a cup of coffee?

A: Here's the scoop on coffee (pun intended). My answer on why you can have coffee beans in a smoothie but not brewed coffee is part science and part pleasure: In the brain, the highways of neurons responsible for pleasure overlap with but operate separately from those that generate the “coffee consciousness” (some call it “coffeeness”: "I need coffee!”). Sometimes these sensations are so tightly bound together they’re indistinguishable, such as during the first sips of a cup of coffee. During this 30-day detox, I’ve got to help you separate your dependence on this pleasure (and for some it is an addiction) from the God-given benefits of the coffee bean. So, I say you can (not must, but can) while boosting the endocrine system during week 2, toss in some beans. That way, you get the benefit of the antioxidants in the bean itself and it’s now associated with the pleasure of the other ingredients in the smoothie, a drink which, as a whole, is more healthy for you than just a cup of joe (and if your blender leaves chunks, grind the fresh beans in the coffee grinder first and then add to the smoothie). I don’t want to treat pleasure like a second-class citizen… God gives us pleasure centers in the brain for a purpose, but when they preempt nutrition, you get yourself in trouble over time. And one more thing: a cold or room temp coffee bean is healthier than hot brewed coffee for two reasons. 1) you’re getting the full undiluted antioxidants in the bean, and 2) hot coffee changes chemically twice, once during the brewing process and once when it cools down (which is why brewed coffee gets that burnt, bitter taste when you reheat it), whereas a few raw coffee beans tossed into a sea of other healthy, cool ingredients becomes a bullet of nutrient-rich antioxidants that leads to authentic nourishment. And when THAT knowledge of what you've accomplished for yourself becomes your new association with pleasure, you are on your way to better health and long life!

Q: Can I do the mid-morning juicing in the afternoon instead?

A: Yes, Whatever works for you. Just get it in!

Q: I am so full from the breakfast smoothie that I don’t want the mid-morning juicing.  Is it okay if I skip it when I’m not hungry for it? 

A: Keep in mind you are on a detox, not a diet. It's not about stopping when you're feeling full but about getting as much detoxing color in your body as possible. People are doing that and losing more weight because their metabolisms are kicking into high gear due to all the nourishment.  The juicing is important for you to do, regardless, because it allows the digestive tract to do NOTHING else but absorb phytonutrients without working hard for them. Very good for your body! So don't skip the juicing. Major detoxing happens during it.  Lunch can be later in the day if necessary, but get all of your mid-morning juicing in. Maybe you won't feel like a mid-afternoon snack, and that's fine. 

Q:  I’m hungry even though I’m eating everything on the plan.  What else can I snack on?

A: So many veggies are almost calorie free or calorie slim and so it doesn't add weight to snack on those and accomplishes greater detoxing. Color, color, color. Eat colorfully and see better results on the detox. And a couple of times a week you can substitute with a snack shake in the back of the book in the recipe section! 

Q:  This smoothie is to big for me to finish each morning.  What can I do?

A. If you feel your smoothie is making too much, then your measurement for a certain veggies or fruit needs to be considered -- in other words, if it calls for one carrot and you put in a massively thick, long one as opposed to a short, skinny one, then your smoothie is going to have a different, thicker consistency, not to mention add ounces to the overall pour. If you put even 1/2 cup more ice than it calls for, it'll produce more ounces of liquid in the cup. If you have a large lemon vs. a tiny one, more liquid again. Your body size and stomach size also factors in. SO, if you are still too full after the smoothie, to where you think you will die if you put another phytonutrient-packed swallow in your body, then put it in the fridge sealed and drink it tomorrow.

Q:  These portions are too big!  Do I really have to eat 12 cups of salad for the Sixcess Salad?

A: The short answer is “no.” The better answer is “try.”  I decided upon the food portions because I didn’t want anyone going hungry, but if you find that you simply cannot get all of your food in, just put it back for tomorrow since you are eating the same thing (or close to it) on the next day.  But remember that the more color you get in, the more toxins come out!

Q:  Are these quantities for two people? SO much food!

A: No, they are for one person, although you are welcome to share if you have excess.  She above Q&A, too.

Q:  For the Take Five Stiry-Fry, am I allowed to use the ingredients for the alternative flavors (Italian, Mexican, Asian) in the recipe section even though they are not included in our section colors list?

A:  Yes! Get creative with your spices!  On Page 45 of your book it says you are allowed to use any spice on any food at any time during your detox.

Q:  Can I have chocolate all the time since it’s in the smoothies?

A:  Uh, no.  For the same “pleasure center” reasons as stated above with coffee, it’s important to not turn to chocolate for comfort or reward but to learn to use it in healthier ways. Dark chocolate (not milk chocolate or other sugar-laden versions) is loaded with magnesium and good for the body, which is why we occasionally toss squares into the smoothies or snack shakes.  But moderation is key on the detox because remember, this is not a diet, but a detox, meaning that it’s not about what you “can” have but about would you should have in order to eat colorfully and detoxify the body.

Q: Can I chop my veggies ahead of time or even make my foods and store them to save time?  

A:  Please try not to!  Here’s why:  God put skins on our veggies and fruits for a reason.  They hold in the phytonutrients and enzymes.  The moment fresh produce is sliced, the enzymes start dying.  It will turn a little brown (or a lot brown) and this is the oxidation process, and when something is oxidizing it can no longer be an anti-oxidant.  Sometimes, for busy folks, they have no other choice.  They must make their juice in the morning and put it in a mason jar in a thermal bag and take it to work for their mid-morning snack (or some actually take their juicer to work!). Just please try to resist the urge to save time by chopping everything for the week as soon as you bring it home from the store.  Remember that you can do anything for 30 days (about 20 work days) and that you are worth the extra effort to get the full effects of the detoxifying foods you are consuming. 

Q:  Can I eat meat on this detox?

A:  Yes, but it’s highly recommended that you do the meatless version. Some people (long distance runners, athletes, dancers, etc.) needlessly insist they need extra protein beyond the eggs, nuts and other sources we offer, and so yes, you can consume chicken or fish at dinner.

General Food Questions

Q: But, I have a really healthy red meat I have access to.  Longhorn red meat, hormone-free, etc.  Is this okay?

While I applaud people for finding this type meat, it’s not ideal for a detox. Here's why: meat has no fiber whatsoever, so I'm never going to excitedly endorse any specific kind of meat for this detox.  I wholeheartedly suggest it be done veggie style SO THAT your body has all the fiber you need to detoxify. Your digestive tract cannot detox as well when filled up daily with non-fiberous foods. If someone is absolutely insisting they must have meat, I recommend chicken because red meat is hands-down, harder on your liver. Breaking down red meat is a different process than breaking down white meat, and the liver responds differently to each. Even the best red meats still affects and strains the liver differently than white meat/fish. You don't want to give your body anything else to spend energy on besides detoxing. It will divert energy away from the process of detoxification. Red meat -- even the healthiest of reds -- has been shown to lead to poor cell function and therefore would slow down the detoxification. You can get the protein AND minerals that meat provides from vegetable sources while on a detox (and beyond). Going meatless for the detox gives your digestive tract a break and helps you get the most out of your 30 days. Plus, every bit of meat that you put in your body (especially harder to break-down meat), fills up a hunger spot that could have been satisfied with a detoxifying food. Healthy red meat (such as longhorn) or meat bought from pure sources such as that raised by local farmers may not be as harmful but it also won't help accomplish our 30-day goal. Always spend your appetite on your section color during this detox (and beyond as a lifestyle as much as possible)!

Q: Can I eat different fruits or vegetables of the same color that are not on my section grocery list?

A:  Sure you can eat another fruit or vegetable of the same fruit if you come across them, but just make sure it truly has the section color in it. In other words, I have a lot of people write me and say, "I can't find purple potatoes so can I just do eggplant?" (which was not on the section list in the book’s first printing). Of course I say it's better than nothing, but once you cut into the purple peel of the eggplant, the meat inside is white and so you're not getting all the lycopenes (red) and anthocynanin (blues) that really make up a purple vegetable, and thus, the phytonutrients attributed to those colors aren't there. So, as long as it is through and through colored, go for it! I tried not to venture too far down the eccentric fruit road (like yellow melon and yellow plums) so that people wouldn't be overwhelmed. People get crazy enough over purple potatoes! We did add eggplant to at the 2nd printing of the book to help with those who were struggling to find purple veggies in their region.

Q:  I cannot find fresh cranberries!  What do I do?

A: If you can't find them fresh, they may be out of season so try the frozen section. If it’s still not there, try another store. If you still cannot locate it, substitute organic 100% cranberry juice instead of cranberries.  The smoothie will be a bit runnier or you can omit the ice to even things out.

Q:  What do I do about my cravings?

A:  You shouldn’t be hungry if you are eating all the foods.  But if you are still hungry, or even if you just find yourself craving something off the program, look at it as a learning opportunity.  What will you do once this happens once OFF the detox?  What will you do then?  Well, do that now.  Find out what your new favorite snacks are.  Experiment until you find your snack groove, and remember to enjoy those healthy snack shakes in the back of the book!

Q: Can I filter the Clean Spleen Cider or other smoothies?

A: Remember that most of the anti-oxidants are containing in the skins of foods (i.e. grape skins) and so yes, you can filter it if you want a smoother taste, but you will miss out on some of the detoxing potential and undermine the overall goal of these 30 days.  Hold your nose and chug if you must!  Remember, food is medicine!

Q:  When can we have the “extra” foods in the recipe section in the back of the book that are not listed on the daily meal plans in each section?

A: The “extras” are being used for 3 main purposes:  1) when you want a break from the daily routine and want to fix a special meal, 2) when company comes and you need to offer some variety, and 3) for inspirational ideas on how to prepare your daily foods (i.e. “Tam’s To Your Health Roasted Veggies” can be used when preparing any veggie on any day in any section).

Q:  Are Jerusalem Artichokes the same as regular artichokes?

A: NO! Vastly different in nutrients, shape and detox purposes!

Q:  Why is Eggplant not in the purple section of my book but it IS in someone else’s book?

A: You'll notice on page 135 that yes, I added eggplant in the 2nd edition and here's why: I had so many people writing me and saying they couldn't find purple potatoes or purple carrots or purple cauliflower, etc. and asking if they could instead do eggplant. My answer was a reluctant "yes, if you can't search around and find anything else" because eggplant is NOT purple inside, and therefore, doesn't contain nearly as many phytonutrients that are in fully purple foods which is what we are needing that section to detox specific organs. SO, I reluctantly added it and don't really promote that on this page but it's in there as a comfort to those who feel like they're failing during purple week.  Do the best you can!

Q: What if I can’t find a certain fruit or vegetable on the grocery list?

A: If you can't find it fresh, it may be out of season so try the frozen section. If it’s still not there, try another store. If you still cannot locate it, substitute in the recipe one of your greens from that week’s section.  The greens listed in each section are also organ specific.

Q: Can I buy canned foods? 

A: Some things—such as black beans, corn or garbanzo beans—are more readily available in cans, and that is fine. Resist the urge though to buy canned veggies and fruits when fresh is available.  They lose most of their nutrients when stored in this way.

Q:  Can I eat other greens not listed on each section’s greens list?

A: No.  Each green veggie or fruit listed on a certain section’s grocery list is organ-specific, meaning that it is known for detoxification properties for a certain organ or body system.  It’s not that eating another green is bad for you, but you just wouldn’t be accomplishing the detox goals we have that week.

Q: I don’t like bananas, is there a substitute?

A: Yes. As outlined on pages 239-240 in the recipe section, you can substitute yogurt for bananas.  Just follow the special instructions there.

Q:  When can I enjoy the snack shakes in the recipe section?

A:  Right away.  Feel free to substitute your veggie or fruit snack a couple of times a week with any of the snack shakes. They won’t accomplish the same detoxing powers as a raw, colorful fruit or veggie snack will, but as with the Carrot Cake Shake, it is loaded with veggies and still good for you!

Q:  I can’t get or keep the Salt Water Lemon Flush down! What do I do?

A: Simple faith detox rule:  Do the best you can. As per the benefits stated in the book, we start with the saltwater/lemon flush so we can cleanse the digestive track. 70% of your immune system is in your gut and so we do your entire body a great service by cleaning out the tummy.  Get down as much as you can, and if you can’t keep it down, reduce or omit the salt and just do warm lemon water.

Q:  Do I absolutely have to use Apple Cider Vinegar? Can’t I use Rice Vinegar instead?

A. ACVinegar has more benefits and you really won't be able to taste a difference. Rice vinegar is not bad for you. It has antioxidants and is good for lowering blood pressure because it's low in sodium. But the thing with ACV is that it has other properties that actually kills bacterias, reduces blood sugar, promotes weight loss because it gives a "full feeling," lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and on and on. Organic, unfiltered ACV (like Bragg’s) also contains “mother,” strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky, cobweb-like appearance. It’s SO good for you, and it’s the chief reason why I have you put in in the Warrior Tonic.

Q:  I hate quinoa!  I cannot stand the texture. What do I do?

A: Quinoa has the exact same texture as soft pasta when prepared correctly. It is not grainy or hard when allowed to boil until the germ separates from the kernel, creating little white rings. I cook mine in chicken stock sometimes and don't forget to add your section spices and herbs and nuts. YUM. Many a quinoa skeptic has found their sweet-spot with this "mother-of-all-grains" and started taking advantage of its amino acids. It contains all 9 and is a complete protein. Keep experimenting! Also, since writing the book many new items have hit grocery shelves including quinoa spaghetti noodles, etc. Look for that and feel free to substitute. We actually made that change in the 2nd edition printing -- it says on the "Yes, Please" list on page 48 by quinoa "(or any quinoa product, including quinoa pasta"). I believe it now comes in spaghetti, elbow, rotelle, penne, and shells, but you'll have to look around at probably some healthy grocery stores since it's a relatively new "niche" and demand is not great (yet!).

Q:  What kind of Maple Syrup do I buy?  I’m confused on what is Grade B vs. _______?

A. When you go to buy your organic Grade B maple syrup at your local store for your week 2 smoothies, you might be surprised and confused because an entirely new labeling system with all new names is being phased in this year. It is being done to make life simpler for consumers, but I'm sure I'll be fielding all sorts of emails since "Grade B" is now called "Grade A." "Grade B" is what it’s called in the book, so detoxers may be confused.  What you want now it called "Grade A, Dark with Robust Taste."  

Pure maple syrup is not to be confused with “breakfast syrups” or “pancake syrups” like Aunt Jemima, or basically anything you get at diners and fast food restaurants. Those aren’t made from maple sap at all, but from high fructose corn syrup flavored with an aromatic compound called sotolon, which contains the scent of fenugreek, curry and burnt, caramelized sugar. American labeling laws prevent these imitations from carrying the word “maple” on their labels, but people are still fooled nonetheless.  

Q: Can I substitute organic brown rice syrup for the organic maple syrup?

A: I like organic brown rice syrup but it does not contain near the amount of nutrients as the organic maple. Try it and see how you like it. It really makes the Endocrine Energy smoothies special!

Q: I did the Salt Water Lemon Flush and nothing happened!  Why not?

A:  Some people have such poor diets or are so overweight that they must do the Saltwater Lemon Flush for a few more days before anything passes at all. One faith detox alumni had to do the SLF for 5 days before having a bowel movement at all.  It is very important that you cleanse the digestive tract before beginning this detox, but do not do the SLF for more than 5 days without consulting your doctor.

General Detox Program Questions:

Q:  When should I NOT do the detox? 

A:  (reprinted from Section 1’s “Double-check” subchapter in The 30-Day Faith Detox) I expect you to check with your doctor to nutritionist before beginning this detox. Especially if you are:

  • pregnant or nursing
  • have active cancer
  • food allergies
  • mental illnesses
  • are under 18
  • have liver disease or hepatitis
  • have Type 1 Diabetes 
  • are on medications for bipolar disorder
  • have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed
  • If you have a medical condition, see your physician of choice before starting this program.

Of course, this detox is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Tell your doctor that you will be using detoxifying foods to nourish your body for 30 days. I think they will be happy that you are improving your nutrition. If they have any concerns about pre-existing conditions, make sure to take those into consideration. Tell your doctor you will not be coming off any of your medications, and tell your nutritionist that you will remain on all your supplements. And check your medications carefully for interactions. For instance, grapefruit can sometimes interfere with cholesterol statin medications, as well as HIV medications, calcium channel blockers (blood pressure drugs), antihistamines, pain medications and psychiatric drugs. If you are on any of those (or other drugs) you probably already know which foods to avoid, but just double check with your doctor. He or she is familiar with the Hippocratic Oath, and so they will also know that it was Hippocrates himself who said, “Let food by they medicine and medicine be thy food!

Q:  Can I do this detox while pregnant or nursing?

A: Since I have “pregnant or nursing” on this “Double-Check” list, I often get asked if this detox is safe for pregnant or nursing moms. The answer is “yes!” but I just always want mothers to double check with their doctors first. Your detox diet will be full of heathy fruits and vegetables that baby will thank you for as he or she develops, or as they nurse, once here (dandelion tea can be omitted since it does carry strong detoxing properties).  And as for the toxins it will be stirring up in your body, remember that they are being stirred up to be removed immediately and so as long as you are doing your prescribed methods of toxin removal outlined on pages 54-56 (epsom baths, body brushing, drinking lots of water), it should be a totally safe (and beneficial) experience. The 30-Day Faith Detox is a gentle cleanse and is even safe for children, but just check with their pediatrician and let them know that this is primarily a vegetable and fruit plan with plenty of protein. Double check with your OB or MD to confirm there are no individual concerns.

Q: How do you take the Faith Detox on the road or on an over-nighter?

A: I have packed up the 30-Day faith detox for my large family's road trip and made the meals in my hotel room! I took a crock pot and and made the detox soup! Then I chopped salad in the hotel room, brought my blender for the smoothies, and took veggie snacks in the car. You can do anything you want to do! You're worth it!

Q: Can I swap the meals around throughout the day?

A: Yes, we heard from plenty of people who, for example, work nights and must have their breakfast smoothie in the evening after sleeping all day.  As long as you get it all in, it’s fine.

Q:  Do I have to buy a juicer? Can’t I just use my blender?

A: No.  A blender includes the fiber and a juicer does not.  The juicing is important for you to do because it allows the digestive tract to do NOTHING else but absorb phytonutrients without working hard for them. Very good for your body! So don't skip the juicing. Major detoxing happens during it.  

Q:  I work. Can I still do this detox? Are the recipes hard?

A:  No they are not hard and YES, you can do it!  The meals are easy and satisfying.  I hate spending too much time in the kitchen so you can bet that I won’t have you in there beyond typical meal-prepping times, but be forewarned:  you might just fall in love with your kitchen once you discover the beauty in God’s colorful remedies!

Q:  Will I go hungry on this detox?

A:  No!  You will eat or drink 4-5 times per day.  You can eat meat and there’s plenty of other protein like eggs, nuts and quinoa.  You won’t go hungry and you have my word that nothing tastes like grass!

Q:  Can I expect weight loss? How much?

A:  Obviously, it varies.  I met one man who lost 49 pounds in 30 days.  Others tell me 10, 15 or 20 pounds.  Unless you have severe hormonal issues, you will lose a little weight on the detox.  AND gain so much health and faith!

Q: Can I swim during the detox?

A: Yes, but no swimming in chlorinated pools! That's like putting more toxins back in your body while trying to detox (which is like eating oreos while trying to brush your teeth). :o Only saltwater pools or the ocean which of course is magnesium sulfate -- Epsom baths! I’m so happy that many organizations and complexes are converting their chlorinated pools into saltwater pools.

Q: What about the recommended saunas? Is my local gym’s sauna safe?

A: Saunas at your local gym use steam, meaning they use water, so always ask them first if it is filtered water (vs. tap water) or else you might just be putting chlorine right back into your body. Your skin has a million little mouths! You shouldn't drink tap water and you shouldn't take tap water steam saunas. Portable far-infrared saunas are very effective because you work up a sweat and the infrared technology detoxes at a deep, cellular level. You can purchase them on Amazon for around $150-$200 (do not confuse them with steam saunas). To see the one that I own in Dark Grey, click here. What is the best detox regimen? Use the sauna  2-3 days per week, perhaps alternating with your detoxing Epsom salt baths described in Section II of the book. The sauna will have a 30 minute timer and will automatically shut off each time. Listen to your body and begin with shorter times if you need to or feel faint.  After your faith detox is complete, if you tolerated 3 saunas per weeks well, increase them to 4-5 per week. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after each one, and to immediately shower and rinse off afterwards. Use no harsh chemicals or soap! Your pores are open after your sauna and ready for some natural, nourishing essential oils or body wash. If you are pregnant, please abstain from saunas because there are risks of dehydration, overheating and fainting. If you are breastfeeding, saunas are safe!  Just wait until your lochia (postpartum bleeding) ends. Hydrate well, and enjoy the detoxifying benefits that saunas have on your entire body. This study concludes, "“Far-infrared sauna use is safe and effective for increasing lactation in breastfeeding mothers.” True, it will stir up toxins as they exit your body, but if you are already on a healthy diet, that will be minimal. If you are not, saunas may be a bit too intense for you during nursing and may affect your milk. Speak with your healthcare professional about your unique situation.

Q:  I can’t get or keep the Salt Water Lemon Flush down! What do I do?

A: Simple faith detox rule:  Do the best you can. As per the benefits stated in the book, we start with the saltwater/lemon flush so we can cleanse the digestive track. 70% of your immune system is in your gut and so we do your entire body a great service by cleaning out the tummy.  Get down as much as you can, and if you can’t keep it down, reduce or omit the salt and just do warm lemon water.

Q: I have high blood pressure.  Should I be doing the salt water lemon flush at all?

A:  Always ask your doctor if you have any medical condition that may prevent you from doing the detox. The salt may interfere with blood pressure levels on those who are prone to high blood pressure, and even though it is always good for the digestive track in this usage, we want to make sure you don’t run the risk of raising your blood pressure if salt is a trigger of that for you.  Again, check with your doctor or medical professional. They may ask you to skip the salt and just do the lemon flush, or to just reduce the salt and see how you feel, adding more the next day if you feel okay. 

Q:  I messed up and had to quit (or travel) should I start all over again?

A:  That’s up to you.  If you went on a long multi-day binge, then probably so.  If you just slipped up on a meal or two, then just repeat that day.  Even if it takes you 35 days to get through the 30 days, it’s better than not detoxing at all, but just remember that every time you “cheat” you are giving your body a bigger job to do. If you at excessively bad foods for more than 2 meals, just do a Salt Water Lemon flush again and either pick up where you left off or begin the program again.  Listen to the Holy Spirit and He will tell you which to do.

Q:  What If My Schedule Absolutely Cannot Allow Sleeping Nine Hours Every Night?

A:    Do the best you can to hit this mark and remember that it is only for 30 days. Your body cannot fully detox and heal if you aren’t sleeping more than usual and getting at least 8 hours sleep per night.

Q:  Can I take foot baths instead of full baths? 

A:  Foot baths are great, especially with Epsom salts, but of course, emerging your whole body results in greater detoxing. If you simply cannot get in and out of the tub, just do foot baths with epsom salts.  Also, take long hot showers where you work up a sweat with the steam, and/or saunas.  Before either, do your skin brushed, and then, give yourself a lymphatic massage (demonstration videos here: face/head: 

and arms: 

and abdomen/trunk: 

and legs:  

Q:  What if I can’t afford organic fruits and vegetables?

A:  It’s understandable the sometimes you just can’t afford an organic veggie or fruit when a less expensive one is available.  If that’s you, then just find a very good vegetable wash and follow the instructions (or make your own here ).  But remember that some pesticides cannot be washed away because they seeped through the skin and into the internal components of the fruit or vegetable. The thicker the peel (as with a banana) the greater protection against pesticides and the lesser the need to buy organic.  Here is a list of which produce to always buy organic (“The Dirty Dozen”) and which can wait (“The Clean Fifteen”) if the funds aren’t there.

The Dirty Dozen Plus

1. Apples  

2. Strawberries

3. Grapes  

4. Celery  

5. Peaches

6. Spinach  

7. Peppers (bell and hot)

8. Kale/collards

9. Cucumbers  

10. Cherry tomatoes

11. Imported snap peas  

12. Potatoes

The Clean Fifteen

1. Avocados

2. Sweetcorn

3. Pineapples

4. Cabbages

5. Bananas

6. Onions

7. Asparagus

8. Mangoes

9. Papayas

10. Kiwis

11. Eggplant

12. Grapefruit

13. Cantaloupe

14. Cauliflower

15. Sweet potatoes

Q:  What vegetable wash do you use, Laura?

A: There are many. Mine comes from Trader Joe's.  They haven't been out for enough years to really have any major reviews of comparison flaws, so I'd say to read labels and pick the one that sounds the best!  Also, you can go to this website and learn how to make your own DIY veggie wash.

Q: Should I continue to take my medications, vitamins and supplements on this detox?  

A: Stay on all prescription meds, and if your supplements are necessary for daily functioning or you are in a healing process, stay on them.  Always make it a priority to only consume supplements and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body. Try to avoid hard vitamins and instead select capsules with powder, herbs or oils. Rock hard vitamins will never break down entirely in the digestive tract and are often passed in your stools without you absorbing many or any of the ingredients.

Detox Symptoms (fatigue, bowel changes, heartburn):

Q:  I feel just awful since starting the detox. Why? I thought I’d feel better by now. 

A:  Your body may be in what's called a "healing crisis." That merely means that the process of detoxing makes your body think you are sick, but you're not (IF that's what it is). It usually takes a turn around day 14-15. Make sure you’re sleeping 9 hours and drinking all your water! 

Q:  I am already on the detox and am SO tired.  What’s a little coffee going to hurt? 

A: Find your energy from other ways and not just the "go-to" of caffeine. Are you getting your 9 hours sleep every night during the detox? Are you keeping hydrated with all your water, especially as the heat increases outdoors? Are you doing your mid-morning juicing? THAT alone will give you a real BOOST! And don't forget, sometimes the emotions that get drudged up can leave you fatigued afterwards. Day 15’s video is on REST, so skip ahead if you need that encouragement and training sooner.  (Please read the, “Why Not Coffee” Q&A for more insight on caffeine.)

Q: What are some of the detox symptoms I can expect?

A:  This detox is unique because we will be purifying your body, mind, spirit (and thus, faith). There will be reverberations in each. First, we will look at the physical indicators that will let you know you are detoxing effectively.

When you begin the process of excluding certain foods from your diet and including others, your body begins eliminating toxins. How? In creative ways you might not have thought of. True, there is bowel elimination, but these toxins will be looking for other means of escape, including through your liver, kidneys and the pores of your skin. Your body will become fixated on saying goodbye to these toxins, and the longer that goodbye takes, or the longer their journey is out of your body (depending on how much is built up) you might feel a little under the weather as all that “rubbish” is leaving your system. 

Have you ever dusted and swept a room or a garage that has been closed off for a long while? Everything gets stirred up and in just a couple of breaths you are sneezing and having to expel the dirt and grime from your body (or better put, the sneezing is preventing it from entering to begin with). You might even have to wear a mask. But once all the dust is gone, the air becomes clear again, the mask can come off and the sneezing stops. The room is clean! Well, think of your bodily detox in the same way. You may have physical reactions as the “dust and dirt” are leaving your body, but they will not last long. And you will feel so much better once it is all gone! Press through the symptoms.

Let us take a look at what they might be:

  • Changes in bowels
  • Bloating, tummy ache
  • Skin changes, breakouts
  • Headaches or malaise
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in sleep or dreams
  • Food Cravings
  • Chills
  • Congestion; feeling like a cold is coming on
  • Irritable; grumpy

If you feel these symptoms for an extended number of days, your body may be in what's called a "healing crisis." That merely means that the process of detoxing makes your body think you are sick, but you're not (IF that's what it is). It usually takes a turn around day 14-15. Make sure you are sleeping your 9 hours and drinking all your water!

Q:  I have been unusually discouraged.  Why?

A:  Remember that there is a fair amount of spiritual warfare taking place during your detox because you are allowing God to cleanse your spirit and mind of all faith toxins.  They are getting drudged up as you read each day’s devotional and ask God for cleansing — body, mind and spirit.  Don’t be surprised when your emotions try to control you, but don’t let them.  Make the decision to never be discouraged again! I did years ago and it has worked without fail.  When discouragement moments come, I just use it as fuel for prayer and I change the atmosphere of my day and situation.

Q:  I have had changes in my stools.  Is this normal?

A:  Yes, remember that on page 59, “changes in bowel movements” is the first detox symptom listed. This can be for the simple reason that you have changed your diet or also because of the more complex reason that toxins are exiting your body through your stools.  If you have any questions or experience severe changes or prolonged diarrhea, consult your doctor. See the next Q&A on heartburn and reflux, as well.

Q:  What If I Am Experiencing Severe Heartburn Or Reflux During The Detox?

A: Page 59 under the “Prepare for Physical Side Effects” portion, we need to add some key advice that responds to some comments I’ve gotten from people experiencing discomfort in the way of heartburn.  It really must be addressed.  Here’s my suggestion:  On the list of symptoms, after “Bloating, tummy ache” add the word “reflux*” and make sure that asterisk is on there.  Then, add these statements after the paragraph immediately following the list of side effects and after the words, “sauna time.”

1. Reflux happens when the upper stomach and lower esophageal sphincter move above the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest from the stomach. The diaphragm normally helps keep acid down in the stomach where it belongs, but the more food you swallow to digest, the more active the juices get, and so reflux is just your stomach acids trying to do their job. So why might you experience this type reflux on a detox and what can you do?

2. Because you are swallowing and eating a lot of foods during this month! And most of it is raw fiber. Make sure you chew your food very carefully, a recommended 30 times per big mouthful before swallowing. The first part of the digestive process begins in the mouth with the saliva breaking down the food, so the more you chew, the more it actually digests in your mouth, leaving less for the stomach to do and lessening the chance of reflux. Also try letting your veggie snacks be cooked instead of consumed raw.Because you are drinking so much water this month and it could be diluting your stomach acids, which in turn makes your body try to pump out more acid so that it can digest your food (hello reflux). But you need that water to flush toxins, so if this happens, either 1) take an HCl (Hydrochloride) tablet and not decrease your water intake, or 2) decrease water intake slightly and chew food more fully. But make sure it’s not tap water because the chlorine in it can kill the good flora in your gut which you need to digest foods

3. Because you may have a yeast overgrowth in your stomach (candida virus). This could be the case if you ate a lot of wheat bread and sugar before the detox. Symptoms are:  bloating, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, ADD, ADHD, achey bones, and/or brain fog, skin issues such as eczema, etc.  Irritability, mood swings, anxiety, depression, allergies, strong sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings.  The candida virus feeds on wheat and sugar, and so these digestive symptoms may be good signs that your body is trying to detox and rid itself of the virus. Keep going!

4. Because you have created a “body burden” prior to your detox. Sometimes a person has so many accumulated toxins in their body that they can float around in the liver and get trapped there.  Once you start detoxing, these contaminants are being pushed out, but they can make quite a bit of noise (in the form of detox symptoms). Acid reflux can begin, or become worse if there were already digestive issues.  Try papaya chews or papaya leaf, etc., to ease the reflux before or after your detox, and avoid normal ant-acids.

Q:  What are some ways to expedite my detox process and remove toxins from my body faster?

A:  Give yourself a lymphatic massage (see videos above under foot baths. Also see question below about saunas.)

Q:  Isn’t my local gym’s sauna safe?

A: Saunas at your local gym use steam, meaning they use water, so always ask them first if it is filtered water or else you might just be putting chlorine right back into your body (your skin has a million little mouths). Portable infrared saunas are very effective because you work up a sweat and the infrared technology detoxes at a deep, cellular level.  You can purchase them on eBay for around $150-$300 (do not confuse them with steam saunas). Saunas at your local gym use steam, meaning they use water, so always ask them first if it is filtered water or else you might just be putting chlorine right back into your body (your skin has a million little mouths).  Here are some examples of some saunas: option 1.  The one I bought is actually now available at Target, although it’s a bit more than I paid for it option 2.

Online Help:

Q:  I hear there is a Facebook Group for faith detoxers.  How do I find it?

A: Find us on Facebook at (or click on image above).  It will be encouraging support for you during your detox and you will find other creative answers that you don’t find here!

Q: Where do I find Laura’s 30-free faith detox videos? Are they still available to me even though I didn’t buy the book on her website?

A: Yes, the 30 videos are free and available to all faith detoxers, regardless of where they purchased the book!  Just go to  

Q:  No one is emailing me the link to the free videos.  Where is it?

A: Videos are not sent with a separate email or link except for the original welcome email you got from us.  The link is also found on the last page of your book about half-way down.  The videos are at

Q: I can’t get the videos to play! What do I do?

A:  If the videos aren't playing for you then it could be that you need a free download of Adobe Flash Player on your computer. For the few people that tell us they can't play them (thousands are taking the detox challenge) this usually corrects the problem. You can now find a free download link to Flash Player on the page where your videos are.

Q: I ordered my book after seeing Laura on television and have now seen she offers recipe cards to those who purchase on her website. How can I get some?

A: First, you are not missing any recipes by not having the cards because they contain only recipes in the book.  There are 5 cards and because there are 5 detox sections to the book  each card only contains one recipe from that section. Two free cards come with each purchase of The 30-Day Faith Detox book so order today and enjoy the surprise inside!

Q:  Are there created files anywhere where I can download grocery lists? 

A: No, because no reprinting (or taking photos) of any portion of the book or uploading it online is unlawful. This includes all recipes. Please do not created and upload files of grocery lists or color-coded spreadsheets with section food details. If you need them for your own personal use, that’s fine, but please do not share or post online (especially on the Facebook group page). Although intended to be helpful, that group is a public group, which means the copyrighted information could be retrieved by anyone worldwide. Separating the food portions of the book from their instructional guidelines and in some case, warnings, is dangerous and leaves us in a liable position, not to mention that divorcing the bodily detox from its spiritual and emotional detoxes defeats the purpose for the entire program and the results will not be the same. It says on the inside front page of the book: "No portion of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a public retrieval system, etc..". Thanks in advance for abiding by those copyright laws. All posts found to be in violation of them will be removed by our very scary faith detox sheriff. :)

Q: I’ve heard about encouraging emails from Laura during my detox but can’t find out how to sign up.  Where do I go?

A:  On Day ONE of your actual food detox, go to and enter your email in the sign-up box.  If you can’t see the box, then try another internet browser (i.e., if you are using Safari, try Firefox or Chrome, etc.).  We hear this fixes the problem most often since it’s a user-unique problem we can’t fix on our end. 

Q:  Why am I not getting daily emails from Laura?

A:  The emails don’t come daily.  They are “section emails” meaning that they come every 6 days. This way, you are encouraged and informed on what is to come with each section at a glance. If you successfully signed up for your section emails in the sign-up box at (as evidence by the fact that you got your welcome email) but are still not receiving the section emails, your internet server has possibly rejected the email. In that case, click here to view your section emails manually.

Q:  Where is Laura’s author page so I can write her?

A: is Laura’s Facebook author page.  Depending on her travel it often takes Laura a while to answer, but she does like to connect with her readers there.