"theTHREE Foundation" with Laura Harris Smith Ministries is a section 501C3 non-profit organization with one uncompromising ambition: to educate people on how to get healthy--body, mind and spirit--and then to help them find purpose in who they were created by God to be. We use all forms of media to accomplish this -- television, radio, print, film and web -- and it is this ambitious and costly mission that requires us to ask you to prayerfully consider giving a tax-deductible gift to help. Your donations will:

  • buy broadcast airtime for theTHREE, Laura's faith-based talk show that blankets 75% of the earth through television and 100% through the web. 
  • cover television studio production costs, which is a six-digit venture each new season of the show 
  • support the constant production of ongoing media projects and products that educate about body, mind and spirit health. 

Donors who give $100 or more monthly for one year or who give a $1,000 one-time gift become a part of Laura's "media family." Laura likes to say thank you to these precious partners by meeting them at tapings of theTHREE, where they are welcome to attend and enjoy special seating, as well as onscreen “special thanks” credits on episodes of theTHREE.  Thank you! 


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Season 6 Preview

Season 6 is now airing around the world! Tune in! 

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