Faith Detox Section Emails

When you sign up on the previous Faith Detox page for the section emails, they should come every 6 days. If you sign up on Day 1 of your actual food detoc (which is when you are starting section 3), emails will come at the beginning of each section.

What if something goes wrong? For your spam protection, only you can enter your email address and sign yourself up. It cannot be done manually by us. This also eliminates human error unless you enter a wrong address.

So, if you have double-checked the info you entered an still are not receiving the section emails, we have found 100% of the time that it was due to the customer's internet server rejecting the email as spam (it contains multiple links and images).  In this case, we have made a way for you to click below and view each email individually at the start of each of you sections. Enjoy!

Welcome Email

Section 4 | Financial Toxins

Section 5 | Health Related Toxins

Section 6 | Relationship Toxins

Section 7 | Purpose & Identity Toxins

Section 8 | Book Recap! 

Final Finish Email