It's time! A revolutionary new book by Pastors Chris and Laura Smith! Are you ready to discover why you're here?

We were all born for a purpose, yet most Christians have no idea what their spiritual giftings are or
what God has commissioned them to do. In this dynamic, hands-on resource, pastors and culture-
makers Christopher and Laura Harris Smith introduce you to the 12 cultural rivers of impact and
help you discover not only your calling, but also your placement and commission there.

Through assessments and teaching you will uncover your spiritual personality, natural giftings, and
God-given skills set. When you know what you were created to do, you can discover where you
were created to flow and immerse yourself in the right occupational river.

You were created to make an impact, not just a living. It's time to cast off your limitations and
excuses. Stop going with the flow of this world and instead make waves for the Kingdom that turn
the tides of culture and ripple into eternity.

You are on your way to discovering if you are in the right job and how to go to the next level of the career that God has divinely gifted you to pursue. But when you get there, how will you impact others for Him? 

Our advice? BE YOU! Take our short quiz to discover why you have the exact personality you do and how you can influence culture with it:

Let Pastors Chris and Laura Smith tell you what

Make Your Splash is all about!


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