theTHREE with host, Laura Harris Smith

Filmed in front of a live studio audience and a live band in Nashville, Laura hosts this creative faith-based talk show and each episode of theTHREE contains a panel of three experts in body, mind and spirit fields to address current world events and how they affect YOU. theTHREE debuted on the Total Living Network in February 2018. Based in Chicago. TLN is an Emmy award winning station which reaches markets throughout the midwest and west. All our southeast viewers tune in on CTN (Christian Television Network).  Worldwide, theTHREE airs on CTN every Saturday at 6pm CT on DirecTV #376, DISH #267, Glorystar #117, Thaicom Five and ROKU.  




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Laura's 50+ Year History in Television

Laura’s television platform began at age three when she did her first TV commercial.  Over her 50 year TV career, she has been the face for countless companies and products, eventually becoming a full-time TV host on the Shop At Home Network in 2006.  National television clients include Saturn, Sonic, Kodak, Krystal, Memory Foam, Bella Luce’ Gold, Tiffany Lamp Co., Panasonic, Space Bags, the American Red Cross, Direct Insurance, Black and Decker, Direct TV, the U.S. Army, Singer Sewing Machines, and dozens more.  She’s also been the face for Kentucky Tourism and Tennessee Tourism in TV, web, print and movie trailer previews, and traveled to Canada to film more than 20 shows for the Canadian Shopping Channel. Laura has also done print and modeling work for O'Charleys, Southern Living, Reader's Digest, Midwest Living, Better Homes & Gardens, and more. In the last decade you've seen her mostly on appearances on TBN, CTN, TLN and many other networks where she has promoted her books on shows like It's Supernatural (Sid Roth), Today with Marilyn and Sarah (Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling), The Difference (Matt and Kendal Hagee), CBN's Turning Point International,  and many, many more. theTHREE is literally a dream 50-years in the making and we hope you'll pray about partnering with Laura to keep it on-air.  She can't do it without you!

Laura's Shop At Home TV Network Reel

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A personal note from Laura:

Here is theTHREE's vision: "Making disciples--body, mind and spirit." That's what the word "three" references in our name, and we find that people from all religious, political and social backgrounds tune in--if nothing else--to hear my nutritional and health advice. Then they are educated to understand that they have a spirit and that God wants to nourish it. But we don't just educate them on-air. We are in the unique position as pastors to invite them to the Nashville church we pastor, Eastgate, where we can actually love and support them. And they are coming! 

Our nation is in a healthcare crisis and people are hungry for help, physically.  The drug crisis alone reveals that people also need healing emotionally and spiritually. God wants to help people get healed and I want to help them stay healed. Look around you:  Marriages are under-attack. Ministers are overweight and over-stressed. Christians and non-Christians like are often sick with no path to healing. God has instructed me to credential myself in this area and by 2021, I will be a Naturopathic Doctor. My goal? To create an army of "whole" Believers--body, mind and spirit--for a greater impact in the earth. Help me help the Body's bodies (and minds and spirits).

~Laura Harris Smith, C.N.C., Host, theTHREE