No matter how busy Laura gets, her heart is always to encourage writers, bloggers and budding authors worldwide. 

Thanks to technology, that can still happen today. Laura believes that writers are world changers, whether their medium is music, film or literature, and so she sees investing time in them like raising up an army. If you are interested in being a part of Laura’s creative writing classes, please peruse the Course Outline below and then click the link to our online store where you can add the program to your cart. If you have any questions beforehand, feel free to contact Laura’s staff here by email. 

The class consists of 10 PDF lessons with 5 writing drills each prepared by Laura herself, at the end of which you receive a Skype session (or phone call, you choose) with Laura personally. There, you’ll discuss your work that she has reviewed and she will give you advice and instruction. You move through the 10 lessons at your own pace, but then the call happens 11-12 weeks from purchase time in order to give you ample opportunity to complete each one. Then, you will be sent a link to your PDF copy of David Sluka’s Write Your Book to help you transition from writing for fun to getting published.

But here’s what makes Laura’s writing program so unique: Each of the 10 weeks, you are a different writer in a different professional genre: One week you’ll be a children’s book author, then a published poet, then a journalist, then the creator of your own greeting card line and you even get to be a magazine food critic!  Each week’s assignments will creatively weave themselves around these 10 professions so that you can try your hand at each of them. You will be having so much fun wearing these hats that you might just forget you are learning! (And take a look below at the skills you will be learning.)

    Laura’s Online Creative Writing Classes

Each of the 10 PDFs comes with 5 exercises that s t r e t c h your writing into places you’ve never explored!  These weekly lessons include fun writing boosters and imagination drills. By the end of the program, you will have completed 50 drills that give you a firm grasp on the following 20 trade “musts”:


-Curing writer’s block for good

-Using the Imagination

-Making Your Words do Tricks!

-Growing Your Vocabulary

-Grammar Refreshers

-Writing habits: getting disciplined

-Finding Your Voice and Style

-Character Development

-Story Development (Plot)

-Writing fiction vs. Writing fact

-Conflict, Climax and Resolution

-Poetry: Meter and Rhyme

-Personification and Imagery

-Web writing (blogging)

Writing for Magazines and Print

-Autobiographical writing

-Journalism vs. Literature

-Script writing

-Writing a book

The entire program costs $250 (60% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME for a price of $100). That includes the 50 writing exercises within the 10 PDFs, the Skype or phone call from Laura, and then you will receive your PDF copy of David Sluka’s Write Your Book!

Once you purchase the Laura Harris Smith online creative writing course, your program PDFs will be delivered to your inbox within 3 business days. Four your convenience, you will initiate scheduling your call with Laura as you near the end of your training. Laura looks forward to working with you!

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