In 2003, Laura began an online daily devotional via email and subscriptions quickly grew to several continents.  PIN stands for the People’s Inspirational Network, and each devo is called a PINcode. 

Then in 2009, Laura transitioned the devos to video, taping and broadcasting daily v-casts via YouTube and Facebook, quad-rupling subscribers worldwide. In 2011, Laura stopped doing the daily devos and created a home for the collection of more than 150 v-casts at Please visit and check out the menu of inspiring devotionals that are still blessing people today.

Although most PINcodes are individual teachings, there have also been several series including the below video, which was the kick-off v-cast for the "66 books in 66 days," series, also known as "Bible cliff notes." Sample Laura's friendly, unceremonious teaching style, the trademark of each PINcode.