SHIPPING: We are happy to say that most orders ship same day at Laura's online store. The exception to this is Sunday, on which we are closed. We use the USPS which usually arrives to you between 2-5 days later, often shorter. We are located near Nashville, TN and get reports that some orders from the Southeast US arrive next day. COVID has delayed some orders with the USPS but not many!

If you have other questions, submit them at and one of our customer service reps will be back in touch with you within 24 hours, often sooner. Meanwhile, here are answers to our top 3 questions:

1. "When will it ship?" Upon your purchase you received an email from Neuromatics Oil by  Laura Harris Smith  (check your spam folder if you didn't). Once it ships, you will also receive another confirmed shipping email. Depending on the size of your package, it should usually arrive to you in 2-4 days after it ships (often sooner).

2. "It's been several days since my purchase and I've not received a shipping confirmation email." You have our word that this will only be the case if you have ordered an item that experienced a sudden sell-out, in which case you will receive an email very soon updating you on the situation and offering you a reward for your patience (good things come to those who wait!).

3. "Do you offer rush shipping?" Yes! Just select the options available to you at checkout. All orders placed after 3pm on Saturdays or on Sundays will not ship until Monday.

                RETURNS & REFUNDS


"Do you offer refunds?"  Yes! Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have had a physical allergic reaction, have a defective container or malfunctioning diffuser,  or have an item that was damaged in shipping, please email us at: and our Customer Support Team will contact you to discuss your refund. You will be issued an RA# (Return Authorization Number) and sent the address where to return your product for a full and quick refund minus shipping.

All we ask: Everybody's body varies and so your results will vary, meaning that we cannot issue refunds on the basis of "the product didn't work” or “I don’t like the scent”.  We do, however, believe that one of the options listed below will help ensure you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of our essential oil blend while they are in your possession.  Our return policy is limited to 1) allergic physical reactions,  2) defective containers or mechanically malfunctioning diffusers, or 3) items damaged in shipment. Please see what we suggest below for other issues:

1. "I'm not a fan of the oil scent."  Our oils are very potent and powerful. That also makes them very aromatic, and we get many reports of customers wearing it and receiving compliments on the aroma. But in the event that you do not enjoy the scent but you still want to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the oil, please apply it to the soles of your feet (even under socks if necessary). Oils applied to the soles of the feet are in the bloodstream in 30 seconds, and some research says it is in every cell in your body within 20 minutes.  We cannot issue a refund on the basis of a customer not liking the scent, but we do want to help you receive its therapeutic benefits!

2. "I had a reaction to the oil."  If you have an allergy to Lavender, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang or Patchouli essential oils, please do not order Quiet Brain blend. If you have an allergy to citrus or mint oils, please do not order Happy Brain. If you have an allergy to Coffee essential oil, Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla, Ginger, Coconut, Black Pepper, or Rosemary oils, please do not purchase Sharp Brain, The reason we list our ingredients on our website is to save you a reaction to already known allergens. If you have a reaction and yet were not aware of a prior allergy, please discontinue use of the oil topically, and please use your oil in a diffuser to still enjoy the aromatherapeutic properties using the nasal passages to gain direct access to the limbic brain (the emotional center of the brain).  If you continue to have an allergic reaction with the use of an aromatic diffuser, then fill out the Return Form and describe the reaction you have experienced.  Send the Return Form, along with the UNUSED portion of the oil product you ordered, mail them back to us, and we’ll issue you a refund.  We cannot issue a refund for products that have been completely used.  

3. "I didn't have my desired results with the oil."  Everybody's body varies and so your results will vary. If our oils do not accomplish what you need it to after applying it on the skin at the amount suggested in the free downloaded e-book on this page, increase the amount you use. Listen to your body and apply as needed. Depending on your weight and condition, you may need more. If you still do not experience the desired results, switch to using the oils aromahtherapeutically in a diffuser or even by placing a few drops on a tissue under your pillowcase.  There is always a creative new way to use Neuromatics oils. Don't miss the opportunity to discover what that is while you have them in your possession!