Ever had a child who sprouted up so fast he outgrew his shoes and clothes, officially entering that awkward phase?  That pretty much describes Laura Harris Smith Ministries this past year! With the launch of Laura's new TV show, theTHREE, and the daily airing of her international Quiet Brain® infomercial, we are now doing more business in our online store per day than we used to do in one year.  And the demand is also leading to the opening of physical store in the Nashville area (stay tuned for coming details)!

Meanwhile, we are constantly adding new employees to our family-founded ministry to ensure that your needs are met.  We can't yet compete with Amazon's speed or Walmart's size, but Amazon nor Walmart can compete with Laura Harris Smith's heart for individualized ministry and care.  If you'll submit your question to, one of our customer service reps will be back in touch with you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here are answers to our top 3 questions:

1. "Where is my order and when will it ship?" Upon your purchase you received two confirmation emails: one from PayPal and one from Laura Harris Smith Ministries (check your spam folder if you didn't). Once it ships, you will also receive an email. That usually all happens within 24-72 hours after you submitted your order. Depending on the size of your package, it should usually arrive to you in 3-5 days after it ships.

2. "It's been several days since my purchase and I've not received a shipping confirmation email." You have our word that this will only be the case if you have ordered an item that experienced a sudden sell-out, in which case you will receive an email very soon updating you on the situation and offering you a reward for your patience (good things come to those who wait!).

3. "Do you offer rush shipping?" At this time, our site does not. The reason is that the majority of our site sales are for our Quiet Brain oil blend products and these oils come from multiple nations all over the world and we rely upon their harvesting and deliveries to be able to fill your orders, making overnight promises impossible.