The Strengths of the Apostle-Personality

Congratulations! You usually feel like the adult in the room. You have the innate ability to bring order to any situation, and the favor to convince the crowd to follow you. Chaos crumbles when you introduce your plan. Confusion flees when you explain the “why.” And peace comes to everyone under your influence, which covers a lot of people since you have a knack for bringing others together. You are transparent and honest, but feel the weight of assuring everyone that things will be okay, even if you don’t yet know how that will come about. You hear people’s questions and fears in your head and can address those before they are asked. Even in a large crowd, you seem to be able to tap into corporate concerns and know the right thing to say and do. People trust you. Whatever your river of cultural impact is determined to be, you will quickly rise to the top there as a leader. Remember always to use your public sway for good. You can easily befriend all the other personality types, but are sometimes challenged by the take-charge prophet personality types (who need you). You are the apostle personality.

Show Your Spiritual Personality!

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