After years of trying to launch her own TV show, the door has opened with the Total Living Network. Based in Chicago, TNL is an Emmy award winning station in multiple US cities, and the show will air in a prime time slot and weekday slots all over the country. It will also air on ISN on smart phones, computers and tablets anywhere. Each episode will contain a panel of experts in body, mind and spirit fields to address current world events and how they affect YOU. Shot with a live studio audience and a live band in Nashville. Partner with Laura to launch theTHREE and give a tax-deductible gift today! 

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Laura's History in Television

Laura’s television platform began at age three when she did her first TV commercial.  Over her four-decade TV career, she has been the face for countless companies and products, eventually becoming a full-time TV host on the Shop At Home Network in 2006.  National television clients include Saturn, Sonic, Kodak, Krystal, Memory Foam, Bella Luce’ Gold, Tiffany Lamp Co., Panasonic, Space Bags, the American Red Cross, Direct Insurance, Black and Decker, Direct TV, the U.S. Army, Singer Sewing Machines, and dozens more.  She’s also been the face for Kentucky Tourism and Tennessee Tourism in TV, web, print and movie trailer previews, and traveled to Canada to film more than twenty shows for the Canadian Shopping Channel.  Laura has done print and modeling work for O'Charleys, Southern Living, Reader's Digest, Midwest Living and Better Homes and Gardens. 

Total Living Network

You may have seen Laura on the Total Living Network, she has a free gift for you! Order The 30-Day Faith Detox today, name the city and TLN channel on which you saw Laura, and you will be emailed The 30-Day Faith Detox Study Guide eBook which you can use to form a group with your friends or at your church and go through the detox together. Just make sure you order from our online store using offer code: TLNVIEWER if you are a TLN viewer.

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