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As seen on TV in our new Quiet Brain infomercial, our Quiet Brain relaxation package comes with one Quiet Brain bottle of oil, one Quiet Brain candle and a download link card to two powerful soaking worship songs by Outpost worship. Outpost Worship is Jude, Jhason and Brittany Smith (some of Laura's children) and their worship songs usher you into the presence of God and come with testimonies of healing. "Adonai" and "Only Light" were among the worship songs on Outpost's Top 40 iTunes release in 2017. Together, this is the perfect package for you to worship and relax to, anointing yourself and those you love with your health-promoting Quiet Brain® oil. 

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About Quiet Brain®

Besides just being a prompt and potent stress reducer, Quiet Brain® Essential Oil Blend is the result of decades of research to help find neurological relief for sufferers of migraines, seizures, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and many more brain-related ailments. With more than 600 neurological disorders known today and 98% of all neurological medications said to be unable to pass the blood brain barrier and actually reach the brain for full result, many today are seeking natural remedies to compliment their medical treatments. Many more are aiming to replace them entirely and are turning to essential oils to do so. But scientists have now discovered that only sesquiterpene essential oils can actually pass through the blood brain barrier due to their small molecular structure. Quiet Brain®, therefore, is a carefully balanced patent-pending proprietary recipe using 8 respected sesquiterpene essential oils which are well know for calming the brain without sedation, focusing the mind and relieving stress. Sesquiterpene oils have now also been said to rewrite missing DNA links and reprogram diseased and "broken" cells, meaning, they have the power to cure over time.

Formulated by Laura, herself

Following decades of searching for neurological relief from a mis-firing brain after being diagnosed with petit mal seizures at age 13, she created the very first bottle in her own home, was personally pleased with the results, and then quickly launched an independent case study done using FDA guidelines. The effects amongst case study subjects were overwhelmingly positive and word began to spread about the oil entirely through word of mouth. Within weeks, Quiet Brain® was in full production and its trademark was being registered with the U.S. Government with proof of commerce. Quiet Brain® is a delicate patent-pending proprietary blend of: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver oils. There is no brain blend like it anywhere on the market. It is 100% pure therapeutic grade and is not cut with any carrier oil. If too strong, you are encouraged to do so yourself using either olive oil or fractionated coconut oil. Each roller bottle is a 10 week supply, meaning it costs about $7 a week or $1 a day. It could last even longer should you desire to cut the oil and dilute it, but we do not recommend this unless it is for a child. While Quiet Brain® reminds you that your results will vary, we are secure in saying that at the very least, Quiet Brain® will provide you and your brain with nourishing relaxation. Please read some of the reviews and testimonies below from some of our actual case study participants. It is from the rich soils that grace the diverse continents of our great planet that comes the leaves, sap, grass, resin, herbs, woods and flowers used to make the eight pure therapeutic grade essential oils found in Quiet Brain®. Each was individually created by God on the third day of creation for our wellness of mind and body, and when compounded together in Quiet Brain’s® unique proprietary blend, is currently offering dramatic, calming benefits to the brains and minds of its users.

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This User Guide colorfully explains the science behind Quiet Brain® and the ancient history of each of its 8 essential oils. Here you will also learn application recommendations so please download this free ebook for your convenience. Don't be without it as you use your Quiet Brain!

Reviews & Testimonies

From some of Quiet Brain's® actual Case study Participants

"Day 1 and I am already amazed. Quiet Brin is unreal. I cannot even tell you the last time I felt legitimately relaxed. I've been on 5 different anxiety meds in my lifetime and got off all of them because they just did not work for me. All the background noise and anxious thoughts just aren't there. It's almost shocking because I haven't felt so calm in so long. Praise God." (Whitney, age 24 | Condition: anxiety)

"I've actually only had to use it twice. Both for migraines. It worked within 5 minutes. My daughter has had migraines several times and I've shared it with her. She loves it!" (WenDee, age 53 | Condition: Migraines)

"About 10 minutes before I got home my leg started to spasm so I wiped {Quiet Brain} on my leg where it was spazzing. It stopped the clinching of the muscle. Looking forward to a pain free sleep!!" (Anady, age 40 | Condition: Spinal cord injury with resulting leg spasms)

"It's been amazing for me. The effects are cumulative, FYI. The longer I use them the more consistent and obvious the calm is. [My wife] really noticed it the other day. I handle things with 100 times more ease it feels like. So unlike lavender or [other oils] that works kind of the same each time and the effects last the half life. I think this heals or redirects pathways so that each time the effects are more obvious. I'm noticing ascetic values in things again, if that makes sense, which means my mind is getting away form the lizard brain. My brain feels like it's trying to find a new center I think.  I'm baffled that it's worked like it has. It has to be the amounts and combo because those oils individually have never worked like that." (William, age 33; Iraq veteran Marine sergeant | Condition: PTSD)

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