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For Immediate Release |  October, 2016:

Author and Nutritionist, Laura Harris Smith, can now be seen in regular 90-second commercial spots on the Total Living Network, a Chicago-based Christian television network that has been on-air since 1976 and which has 138 stations from Chicago to San Francisco. Laura’s goal is to inspire others to become healthier -- body, mind and spirit -- and since TLN also shares this vision, it is a highly-anticipated partnership.


Laura partners with TLN to reach “healthies” nationwide:

If you saw Laura on the Total Living Network, she has a free gift for you! Order The 30-Day Faith Detox today, name the city and TLN channel on which you saw Laura, and you will be emailed The 30-Day Faith Detox Study Guide eBook which you can use to form a group with your friends or at your church and go through the detox together. Just make sure you order from this page if you are a TLN viewer.

2016 TV Interview with TLN’s President and CEO, Debra Fraser

With Jerry Rose, TLN Chairman of the Board

Laura, in one of her Body, Mind and Spirit spots on the Total Living Network

With Shirley Rose, Emmy-award winning

TLN Host of “Aspiring Women.”

Remember: Order your book today and name the city and TLN channel on which you saw Laura’s spots for Body, Mind & Spirit, and you’ll be emailed her free Study Guide for The 30-Day Faith Detox! Thanks for your support for Laura Harris Smith Ministries and of the Total Living Network!

     The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit

Ready for a “total temple cleansing?” The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit is a reset button for your body, spirit and mind!  

In one month’s time, it unpacks 30 universal faith-toxins with devotionals such as “When Healing Will Not Come,” “Can’t Seem to Get Ahead,” “Fatal Faith: When Loved Ones Die Anyway,” and even “Catastrophic World Events.” You’ll meet your hidden doubts about God head on and be spiritually purged with Biblical perspectives. 

Second, after each day’s spiritual rehabilitation, the emotional pollutants it left behind will be confronted. Residues of fear, hopelessness, unforgiveness, and more are unmasked. Written prayers bathe the mind and prepare it to sustain emotional healing. 

Third, we’ll address the bodily symptoms which oftentimes manifest with each spiritual and emotional toxin. With corresponding nutritional cleanses, using food as medicine, you will achieve a total detox of all 15 major body systems in 30 days! Recipes for inviting soups, colorful smoothies, shakes and salads, energizing juices, delicious entrees and detoxifying teas purify the body of physical manifestations triggered by spiritual or emotional stresses.  

Prayer by prayer, thought by thought, and organ by organ, total cleansing comes to the whole temple, spirit, mind and body.

Once you order and receive your book, it comes with the link to access all 30 videos for the faith detox challenge. Find the link on the final page of the book and sign up there to begin your 30 days to a better you, body mind and spirit!